Q : Do you provide delivery service ?
A : Yes, your purchase is inclusive of delivery, our delivery is valid for Klang Valley, Penang & Johor Bahru. However, you may choose to self pick-up from our pick up locations at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Mid Valley Megamall Kuala Lumpur, or Bandar Sunway.

Q : When will the mooncakes be delivered ?
A : You may expect your Classic Baked Mooncakes, Chocolate Truffle Mooncakes & Sinpopo’s Peranakan Themed Mooncakes to be delivered from early September, however you may select your ideal date of delivery or self-pick up based on your preference.

Q : When will Harry Potter’s Mooncake selection be delivered?
A : The Harry Potter’s Mooncake selection is expected to be delivered to you & your loved ones a week or two before the Mid Autumn 2021.

Q : If I were to request delivery to areas other than Klang Valley, Penang & Johor Bahru, can you help me?
A : Feel free to talk to us through WhatsApp on your special request and we will see how we can work it out for you.


Q : I’d like to think about a little while longer, how long do you think you can hold for me?
A : As all Awfullychocolate Mid Autumn collection 2021 are very limited, we would suggest you to order as soon as you can. We sold out in less than 10 days in 2020 here in Malaysia.

Q : How are the storage method for the Chocolate Truffle Mooncakes?
A : For Chocolate Truffle Mooncake, it is important you store it inside your fridge chiller.

Q : How are the storage method for Classic Baked Mooncakes, Sinpopo’s Peranakan Mooncakes & Harry Potter’s Mooncakes?
A : Do understand awfullychocolate insist on not using any additive on our products, so do enjoy your mooncakes early to taste the freshness. However if you were to keep it for a little while, do make sure to keep it in a dry and cool environment, or you could simply store it inside your fridge chiller.


Q : How do I make payment to you?
A : You may use internet bank transfer to our bank account as follow :
Mckinley Group Sdn Bhd
5016 2818 6631

Q : Can I request an invoice or receipt from you?
A : Yes you can, simply drop your request to us through WhatsApp and we will email you.

Q : How do I request a refund?
A : Refund is applicable for defect of Mooncake on the day of delivery itself, do kindly provide photo on the same day of delivery to us through WhatsApp for us to process your refund if your item is found with defect.

Q : What are the discounts campaign you are having?
A : We are having early bird discount & combo discount.
For Early Bird discount, any box you select and purchase before 1st September 2021, you are entitled to enjoy RM38 each box.
For Combo discount, once you pair our Harry Potter’s mooncake with any other mooncake selection, you are entitled to enjoy a RM98 discount for your twin boxes of combination.

Q : What if I get a combo of Harry Potter & one other mooncakes, and additional add two more boxes ? 
A: Any pair of mooncakes inclusive of at least one Harry Potter Mooncake is entitled for a RM98 discount, all the further purchase excluding Harry Potter Mooncake is entitled for a RM38 early bird discount if you purchase on or before 1st September 2021.
For example :
Harry Potter's Mooncake x 1
Classic Baked Mooncake x 1
Chocolate Truffle Mooncake x 1

RM328 + RM278 + RM278
-RM98 - RM38 = RM748


Q : Do you provide corporate deals?
A : Yes, we provide personalised & customisable corporate deals for our corporate clients.

Q : Are you able to deliver to multiple recipients ?
A : Yes we would be happy to.

Q : Is there any special deal for Corporate?
A : Do feel free to get in touch with us directly through WhatsApp or email to know more about corporate deals.